About Easy Countertops

Easy Concrete Countertops is a website dedicated to helping people learn more about building concrete countertops.  With expert advice, tips, and question/answer forums, we hope you will crave more information and become motivated to invent your own concrete designs. On a regular basis, we will post valuable articles, blogs, and how-to videos to help you hone your craft and maybe even develop your own business.

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Questions and Answers

Below are some popular Q & A’s from real people like you.  You might not find the answer to your specific question but search through the following Questions and Answers and see what you can find.

If you want to ask an expert simply fill out our form and an expert fabricator will reply promptly.  This site was developed for the average homeowner looking to take on a concrete countertop fabrication project.

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We hope these hands on videos will help you in the design and creation of your very own concrete countertops.  We want to show you the various techniques, tricks and troubles in fabricating a countertop.  If you have a video or link that may help please send it along.  Information is power and we hope these videos will make you a powerful Concrete countertop fabricator.

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