Hand Polishing Concrete

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Hand Polishing Concrete

As many will tell you in the concrete countertop industry, there is always a time when good old fashioned elbow grease is the best method for success.  This is definitely the case when it comes time to polishing complex designs and elements.   Hand polishing tools are commonplace when tight corners, radiuses, and corners are needing a good polish.

Hand polishing tools and pads generally consist of varying grit diamond impregnated pads that are mounted onto a foam handle or base.  The process of polishing is done by using progressively finer diamond impregnated pads to gradually create a shine or glossy finish to the concrete’s surface.

While some pad manufacturers use a variety of colors to distinguish between grits, which can become quite confusing, Buddy Rhodes has found a simple solution to the color confusion by producing greyscale colored pads that go from Black to White representing harshest (Black) to finest (White ) grits.

Some things to consider when purchasing pads is, durability, longevity, quality and to make sure the diamonds extend all the way to the edge of the pad for the best highest quality finish possible even in the corners and hard to reach places.